“Human behaviour flows from three main sources: desire, emotion and knowledge.” – Plato.

Behaviour Consultancy 

Child Activity

What is Behaviour Consultant?

Our behaviour consultants provide comprehensive consultations to schools or at home for children and adults whom may have behavioural, social, communication and language challenges. Our services can be provided within schools to help manage specific pupils or at home for those with either age related issues or mental disabilities.

Various types of families may have many different thoughts, desires, beliefs and maturity of communication skills. Verbal or physical arguments can be a reaction to life time changing events such as age-related growing stages, family separations, conflict of family expectations, family death or undealt with bullying or abuse.

Social and emotional intelligence happens at different rates depending on many factors such as the family dynamic, parental techniques, outside social interactions, support networks, mental abilities and disabilities. 

It is important to address behavioural issues before they cause lasting damage to your family relationships or the individual in concern.

Some of the behavioural issues we address are:

A Lack of listening skills
Bedtime issues
Difficulty playing or interacting nicely with others
Eating issues
Frequent crying 
Friendship difficulties
Grief and loss
Interrupting constantly
Lack of discipline
Personal hygiene
Problems travelling
Poor behaviour at school and/or not taking responsibility for behaviour
Separation anxiety
Separation and divorce issues
Sibling rivalry and jealousy
Toileting behaviours

A persons life can be improved greatly by implementing even small changes to reduce negative behaviours within a family.