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“A house is made with walls and beams. A home is made with love and dreams.” – Author unknown. 

What are home modifications?

Wheelchair ramps & grab rails are just two examples of home modifications that allow the disabled, the elderly and their carers to move around with greater independence.

Home modifications may involve moving, changing & installing various fittings and layouts to help reduce the risk of injury and support greater self-sufficiency.
The use of a grab rail can help carers while they are assisting someone out the bath to avoid injury.

The considerations for home modifications are evaluated where the home to be modified is the applicants primary residence with the intention to remain living at that residence. Considerations for a rental property would have to go through a written agreement from the owner of the property before modifications can go ahead.

Throughout the home modification process, we will work alongside your families and carers to ensure full consultation during the process and can include the design and provision of drawings and preparations, liaising with contractors and sourcing the relevant funding for you. Support with planning can also be offered to those building a new home.

Subsidies for your home modification

There are government subsidies available depending on your income, circumstances and the type of program you are on. 

Home modifications include the following:

Widening of doorways 
Flooring options
Rail & ramp installation
Bathroom & kitchen alterations (such as level flooring and modification of bench heights & rearranging of layout to allow for wheelchair access)
Repositioning power points & light switches
Control blinds & lighting with smart technology and the installation of alarms & other security systems.
Self - opening doors.

A licenced builder or technician should carry out these modifications.

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Here at Aspire allied health we can also create, design and manage Sensory Gardens for you.
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