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Occupational therapy is a form of therapy designed to rehabilitate and/or equip children and adults with the skills they need to perform everyday tasks. At Aspire Occupational Therapy we help our clients to perform at their fullest potential in order to achieve success in all aspects of their lives.

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behaviour consultancy

What is Behaviour Consultant?

Our behaviour consultants provide comprehensive consultations at schools or at home for children and adults who may have behavioural, social, communication and language challenges. Our services can be provided within schools to help manage specific pupils or at home for those with either age-related issues or mental disabilities.

Various types of families may have many different thoughts, desires, beliefs and maturity of communication skills. Verbal or physical arguments can be a reaction to lifetime changing events such as age-related growing stages, family separations, conflict of family expectations, family death or un-dealt with bullying or abuse.

Social and emotional intelligence happens at different rates depending on many factors such as the family dynamic, parental techniques, outside social interactions, support networks, mental abilities and disabilities. 
It is important to address behavioural issues before they cause lasting damage to your family relationships or the individual.

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What is service coordination?

Service coordination ensures the best outcome for the client by providing a multidisciplinary solution where required. 

Many of those whom we support require more than one service organisation to achieve their goals. This means that we prioritise which services are best for you and the family to help you achieve your desired outcome. The coordination of services will then propose an optimal treatment plan for you.

Service coordination is an integration approach to provide the best possible outcome. By assisting services to work in a collaborative way for people with complex needs ensures you receive high quality personal and accessible support

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equipment scripting

What is equipment scripting?

Equipment scripting means that your occupational therapist or physiotherapist can prescribe where necessary, special needs equipment, devices or technology to assist you with your daily activities. Recommendations and measurements are then made based on your individual requirements to provide a total solution. There is a wide range of technology and equipment available to you depending on your abilities and disability.

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environmental & Sensory gardens

Why have environmental & sensory gardens?

Interactivity – Design sensory gardens to encourage interaction with the environment. 

Sitting, standing and climbing areas may include benches, logs, platforms, and bridges. Most interaction with a garden will happen at ground level, but a secondary level offers older infants and toddlers opportunity to “pull up” and explore. 

Sight – Colour, shape, visual texture, movement, light and shadow. When planning year- round sensory experiences for children incorporate colours, shapes, light and special features throughout the year. 

Sound – Many sounds in a sensory garden don’t need planning, such as the sound of wind rushing through the leaves, rustling grasses or singing birds. But, to enhance the variety of sounds you may include: 

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